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Floor Covering Inspections is a Certified Independent Floor Covering Inspection Service in the Greater Phoenix area and the State of Arizona.

Dave Headshot for CFIU

Arizona Floor Covering Expert: David Zack

Phone: 623-234-4220


Floor Covering Inspections will:
• Perform an on-site inspection
• Obtain a chronological history of the flooring installation
• List detailed observations of the problem areas
• Perform and record field tests results
• Collect samples for lab testing, if applicable
• Photograph or videotape areas of concern

Prepare a comprehensive report providing:
• Description of complaint/problem
• Job site description
• Product description
• Claim history
• Detailed description of the problem
• Field and/or lab test results
• Applicable industry and/or manufacturer standards
• Conclusion based on collected data and field tests
• Identification of the responsible party