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Why Hire an NWFA Professional?

Your home likely represents your single largest investment. Whether you've lived there for decades or weeks, the money you spend to improve it is an investment. So are wood floors. When maintained properly, wood floors can last hundreds of years, so it is important to choose a professional who has the knowledge and skills to do the job right.

The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) is an international not-for-profit trade association representing all segments of the hardwood flooring industry, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, installers, importers/exporters, inspectors, and consultants. As such, NWFA's mission is to unify and strengthen the wood flooring community through technical standards, education, networking and advocacy.


NWFA represents more than 25,000 professionals worldwide, so finding one in your area is easy. NWFA members have access to industry standards, training programs, and skills certifications that validate their professional expertise.

The NWFA also maintains a Certification Program that was developed to recognize and promote the competence of wood flooring professionals throughout the industry. Industry professionals undergo both online and hands-on testing to earn their certifications.

NWFA Certified Professionals set themselves apart from their competition by attending training and earning certifications through the NWFA. Certification validates industry knowledge and expertise and recognizes individuals as experts in their field.